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Burn Permits

If you are a resident of Camp Verde Fire District you must fill out a Burn Permit at our Administrative Office located at 26 W Salt Mine Road Building B.

Burn permits are valid for the current calendar year.

The burn season is March 1st – May 31st and August 1st – November 30th. burning.

Camp Verde Fire District Burning Restrictions

Within our agreement with ADEQ, we are required to enforce that no burning is conducted when.

  • Air stagnation is expected
  • When smoke levels are to the point that visibility is diminished, or create a public nuisance
  • Smoke is being dispersed into public areas

Given the controlled burning that takes place in the winter months, the smoke created by wood burning stoves, and the cold air inversion holding smoke in Camp Verde, it was decided that in order to maintain compliance with ADEQ and to maintain air quality for the Camp Verde residents it would be the best option to not allow burning during the coldest months.

If you have any questions please contact us at (928) 567-9401.

Burn Permit Application