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Fire Suppression


Annexation Process

You may request to be annexed into the Fire District by simply writing a letter requesting to be annexed into the Fire District.  The letter must include the physical address of the property and the mailing address of the property owner.  The letter must have an original signature of the legal owner.  If you have the parcel number and the legal description of the property you may include it but it is not necessary.

Submit the letter to the Camp Verde Fire District Administration Office. The Administration office will handle the processing of the request and submit it to the board. Once the property has been approved to be annexed into the district the property owner will be notified and the applicable property taxes will be applied.

Did you know that just because you live in Camp Verde does not mean you have fire protection? Even though the property is in Camp Verde, it may not be in the Camp Verde Fire District.

To verify a property is in the fire districtClick Here for the link to Yavapai County’s Parcel Viewer website.

On the Search tab, properties may be searched by parcel number, address, owner name, subdivision name or history. Under Fire District it will state Camp Verde FD.

Camp Verde Fire District will provide fire suppression services whether the property is in the fire district or not. Property owners may choose to have their property annexed into the fire district – see Annexation Process in the right column.



Out of district billing will be applied to all nonresidents and/or non-taxpayers who receive Fire services from the Camp Verde Fire District.  Such billing is in compliance with ARS 48-814

Impact of Out of District service:

  • Possible delayed response if actively on a call in the Fire District.
  • If we do respond, you will be billed for all services.
  • Many insurance companies raise their rate for fire insurance if you do not have fire protection.
  • Many loaning agencies are requiring fire protection as a condition to refinance.
  • Engine company responses on out of district life threatening calls are billable in addition to ambulance fees.