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Rusty Welsch

HAZMAT Coordinator

Rusty Welsch

In 1998 the Camp Verde Hazardous Materials Response team was established. The need for the team was realized after a series of accidents along interstate 17 within the response district of Camp Verde.   In the beginning the team was comprised of 11 technician level responders.  The original response vehicle was a refurbished beverage delivery truck out fitted with tools donated to the district from other departments to facilitate the transition to a full time Haz Mat Team.


HazMat Guys Suited up


Since then the team has grown to 23 technician level responders and fully outfitted hazardous response vehicle complete with state of the art air monitoring systems, on-line mobile research technology, and full complement of personal protective equipment. The Camp Verde Hazardous Response team is responsible for training and hazardous material response in the Verde Valley.