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Kristi Gagnon

Fire Marshal

Krisit Gagnon

Currently the Camp Verde Fire District is enforcing the 2012 Edition of the International Fire Code as well as the current editions of the National Fire Protection Standards.

 News Release Fireplace Safety 2015


Construction Permits:

To apply for any type of construction permit, please contact the Town of Camp Verde building  Department at 928-554-0060 (If the project is within the town limits) or the Yavapai County Building Department (if the project is outside of the town limits) 928-771-3214.

Click here to view Fire Protection Development Standards for new commercial construction


To schedule an inspection, please call the Fire Prevention Office at 928-567-9401 ext. 105.

Vegetation Complaints:

The Camp Verde Fire District works closely with the Town of Camp Verde Planning and Zoning Department in order to address vegetation hazards.  If you would like to file a complaint regarding vegetation or any other outside hazards, please contact the Code Enforcement Division at 928-554-8312.


The Camp Verde Fire District Fire Prevention Office conducts origin and cause investigations at all structure fire scenes within our jurisdiction.  We also are members of the Yavapai County Fire Investigation Task Force and assist with fire investigations throughout Yavapai County.


Smoke alarms:

In an effort to assist our residents in making their homes safe, The Camp Verde Fire District can assist community members with acquiring and installing smoke alarms, as well as smoke alarm batteries.

Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention:

The Camp Verde Fire District believes that any child experimenting with fire is an issue to be taken very seriously.  Our goal is to educate youth and caregivers about the dangers of fire, not to discipline.  If you know of a youth that is curious about or has experimented with fire please contact our office to speak with a Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention Specialist.