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Jake Cecil

Rescue Services Coordinator

Rescue Services Coordinator

Rescue Services

Camp Verde fire district provides technical rescue services using multiple disciplines throughout Camp Verde and the Verde Valley.

In the Camp Verde area, incidents involving swift water conditions can happen without warning.  Flood control channels, creeks, and arroyos can quickly fill with fast moving water, creating a life-threatening danger to our community.   Any of the residents that live near the Verde River, Clear Creek, Beaver Creek or any of the large washes or drainages are all too familiar with dealing with these dangerous waterways. In Camp Verde and the surrounding area we have several low water crossings that in the past and very recent have flooded and have created the need for residents to be rescued.

To address these concerns, CVFD has utilized training opportunities through the state fire marshal’s office as well as the internationally recognized organization Rescue 3.  Most of the CVFD firefighters are trained at an operations level to perform technical rescue. There are a few that have gone above and beyond and dedicated themselves to becoming Advanced Technicians in the areas of swift water and rope rescue.  These individuals are strategically placed on three separate shifts in hopes that we will have the necessary skill sets required to perform technical rescues safely and efficiently.

CVFD feels fortunate that we have received grant money in the past to help fund our rescue training and equipment.  Camp Verde fire district will continue to provide a high level of service while looking for creative ways to be fiscally responsible. A good amount of that grant money was also used to purchase rope rescue equipment, and to pay for rope rescue training.  That has been very important to providing a quality service to our customers, especially with a rising interest and use of all of the national forest lands surrounding the area of Camp Verde.  CVFD has seen a rise in call volume into these wild and scenic areas.