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Reserve Firefighters

Clint Gillespie

Reserve Coordinator

Reserve Coordinator

Reserve Program

Camp Verde Fire District takes great pride in its reserve program and it acts as a vital part of the district’s operation.  The reserve program introduces individuals to the way Camp Verde Fire District operates on a daily basis, and through training, hones their skills and knowledge of Camp Verde Fire District’s SOGs and protocols.

After being hired as a reserve, Camp Verde Fire District puts all of their reserves through an extensive, in house, academy to ensure those individuals are ready and capable of filling a spot on any shift at any given time.

Once shift qualified, reserves are required to continue to train and educate, themselves by the knowledge, leadership and help of full time personnel. The reserve program remains an important component of the Camp Verde Fire District and allows individuals the opportunity to expand their interests, exposure and knowledge in the field of firefighting and EMS.

The reserve program is a combined service with Montezuma Rimrock Fire District. Reserves will be able to provide shift coverage for both agencies and will be candidates eligible for full time positions upon successful testing for either agency.

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