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Training Division

Engineer Greg Hopf

Training Officer

wildland coordinator

The Camp Verde Fire District comprises a varied group of individuals, all of whom share the singular goal of providing the best service to our community and customers.
The CVFD Training Division is at the root of that service delivery and quality of workmanship.

The Training Division provides training from the level of Reserve firefighter up to the position of Battalion Chief. CVFD uses all forms of educational opportunities to provide a service that is current and meets the diverseness of the community. The use of a modern software training program with the practical hands-on training we provide allows our personnel to evolve with current technological practices and the associated knowledge base to be effective at the next level of service delivery. Access to distance learning and out-of-state learning are also encouraged. Our personnel have attended the NFA (National Fire Academy), hazardous materials training at Hot Zone in Houston, and Anniston Alabama, EMS training in Oregon, and TRT training throughout the states of Arizona and California.
CVFD also provides an educational assistance program in order for our personnel to achieve personal goals and in conjunction, provide a better service to our community and customers.
These processes for promoting education within the Fire District are complimentary to the administrative personnel and are an example of their commitment to both the personnel and the community that we serve.