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What We Do

In A Nutshell

CVFD provides fire protection and Emergency Medical Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Firefighters train constantly so they can perform all the duties required of them at a moment’s notice.

Established in 1961 by a group of volunteers, Camp Verde Fire District has evolved into a full-time department. Our district comprises 27 square miles and provides fire protection, rescue, hazardous materials response, EMS, and ambulance services. Additionally, through an intergovernmental agreement, the District provides the same services to the Yavapai-Apache Nation whose reservation and casino adjoin our boundaries. We have automatic aid agreements with six neighboring fire departments and mutual aid agreements with Yavapai County, the Town of Camp Verde and the State of Arizona. When on the scene, we follow OSHA’s “two in, two out” law, which states that if two firefighters go into a hazard, two need to be outside ready to assist them.

The Camp Verde Fire District operates the HazMat response team serving the east and northeast portion of Yavapai County, provides Paramedic Level ambulance support to an area of approximately 590 square miles, is developing a rescue program.  We also provide weekly on-duty, in-service training programs in areas of Fire Operations, Hazardous Materials, and Rescue Operations, and EMS Continuing Education monthly. In support of our desire to be the best-trained and capable response agency in the State, the Camp Verde Fire District also reimburses its personnel for approved college courses and actively seeks out seminars and training programs of interest to our members, offering these important training opportunities to any member regardless of rank.

We are governed by a five person Board as a special use district of Yavapai County, and as such, we are not affiliated with the Town of Camp Verde.  We do, however, have one thing very much in common, and that is the residents of Camp Verde. To that end, we work closely with various agencies within the town government and interface on all of the traditional points involving fire prevention, education, and emergency response.

The Camp Verde Fire District is managed administratively through a standard chain of command consisting of Firefighter, Engineer, Captain, and Chief.  A firefighter may promote to any of these positions. In addition, there are other opportunities for personal growth and development through training and individual application.